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Begin procedure

This action allows you to start a procedure declaration.

A procedure contains actions inserted between a Begin procedure action and a End procedure action. These actions can be executed using a Call procedure action or any "If action" parameters. When the actions contained within the procedure have been executed the execution automatically jumps after the action that made the procedure call.

Procedures have the following limitations:

  • Each procedure has an unique, non-empty name that cannot be dynamically set
  • Is not allowed to declare a procedure within another procedure
  • Each Begin procedure action has to have exactly one End procedure action
  • Variables declared within the procedure will be kept outside the procedure (this is not the case in most programming languages)
  • Procedures doesn't have any parameters (yet)

Note also that:

  • Recursive calls are allowed (a procedure can call itself)
  • You can call a procedure before it is declared
  • You should not use any Goto action, conditional actions, nor jump outside the procedure because doing this will prevent the execution to go back to the calling action
  • You should not mix gotos and procedures

[Added in Actionaz 3.4.0.]

Standard parameters

Input parameters


The name of the procedure.


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