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This action allows you to simulate a mouse click (left, middle or right click) at a specific position on the screen. You can simulate a single click (press and release) or a continuous press that can be released in a later action.

Standard parameters

Input parameters


The action to execute:

  • Click (press and release)
  • Press
  • Release

Warning: Any unreleased pressed button will be released when the execution ends.


The mouse button to press.

Note: Only standard buttons can be used. (left, middle or right)


The position where to simulate the click.


The amount of clicks to simulate.

Advanced Parameters

Input parameters


Coordinates, used as a translation vector, applied to the point targeted in the standard parameters.

Example: if the action is configured to click at 250:110 and if the offset is defined with the value 50:40, then the action will click at the following coordinates: 300:150.

[Added in Actionaz 3.6.0.]


Simulation failed


This exception is thrown when the simulation failed.

  • Default action: stop the script execution

Invalid action


This exception is thrown when the chosen action is invalid.

  • Default action: stop the script execution

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