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 +====== Cursor path ======
 +The action Cursor path allows the user to define a path which will be followed by the mouse cursor on the screen. This action can be used to move a graphic element from the system after an held [[en:actions:click|click]] (icon, window) or even for an other application, to simulate a move when the mouse is used in this case (video games for instance).
 +===== Standard parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Path ==
 +Defines the list of points through which the mouse cursor will go. This point choice can be made by:
 +  * Manually adding every point you want to define using the "add point" button;
 +  * Simulating the path by pressing the "choose path" button and by following yourself the wanted path;
 +== Button ==
 +The mouse button to press.
 +//Note//: Only standard buttons can be used. (left, middle or right)
 +[//Added in Actionaz 3.8.0.//]
 +===== Advanced parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Offset ==
 +Coordinates, used as a translation vector, applied to the point targeted in the standard parameters.
 +//Note// : For more details, see the [[en:actions:actionclick#advanced_parameters|Click]] action.
 +//Added in Actionaz 3.6.0.//
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 +Available languages for this page : [[fr:actions:actioncursorpath|(fr)]]