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 +====== Command ======
 +This action allows you to execute a detached command. In other words it can start a program like Firefox or LibreOffice. The action starts the program exactly as is the user had clicked on it.
 +//Note//: this action will execute the command and will pass to the next action without waiting for the command to finish or the program to close. To execute a command and wait for its termination,​ use the [[en:​actions:​ActionCommand|Command]] action.
 +===== Standard parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Command ==
 +The command to execute. You can choose the program to start by click on the "​..."​ button.
 +//Hint//: You can also select a shortcut instead of an executable.
 +== Parameters ==
 +The program parameters to use. Multiple parameters should be separated by a space.
 +== Working directory ==
 +The working directory to associate with the command.
 +===== Advanced parameters =====
 +==== Output parameters ====
 +== Process id ==
 +The name of the variable where to store the process identifier of the started process.
 +//Note//: This identifier can be use with the [[en:​actions:​ActionKillProcess|Kill process]] action.
 +===== Exceptions =====
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Bad parameter|Bad parameter]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Code error|Code error]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​timeout|Timeout]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​actiondetachedcommand#​unable_to_start_detached_command|Unable to start the detached command]]
 +==== Unable to start the detached command ====
 +This exception is thrown when the detached command cannot be executed.
 +  * Default action: stop the script execution