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 +====== Message Box ======
 +<​html><​a href="​actionaz://​​samples/​messagebox.en.ascr">​Try it</​a></​html>​
 +The action Message Box allows you to display a message. This dialog box pauses the script execution until the user chooses one of the options.
 +===== Standard parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Message ==
 +The message you want to display in the dialog box.
 +== Title ==
 +The title of the dialog box (window title).
 +== Icon == 
 +The icon displayed in the message box. This list contains the standard icons of your operating system.
 +===== Advanced parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Type ==
 +The dialog box type. There are two options:
 +  * text display ("​Ok"​ button), which is used to show a message to the user
 +  * ask a question ("Yes - No" buttons), which you can use to ask the user to make a choice. Selecting this message box type enables the option "Yes - No".
 +== Custom icon ==
 +The custom icon to use. This is the path to the image that will replace the icon specified in the "​icon"​ parameter.
 +== Window icon ==
 +The window icon to use. This is the path to the image that will replace the window icon.
 +== Yes - No action == 
 +This parameter is only available if the user selected "Yes - No" as the type value. This parameter allows you to execute code or go to a line of the script depending on the anwser given by the user.
 +===== Exceptions =====
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Bad parameter|Bad parameter]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Code error|Code error]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​timeout|Timeout]]