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-====== Read environment variable ====== 
-This action can read the value of an environment variable. It can also read all the environment variables, and put them in an array. 
-<note tip>​Added since Actionaz version **[[en:​changelog#​v3.6.0|3.6.0]]**</​note>​ 
-===== Standard parameters ===== 
-==== Input Parameters ==== 
-== Mode == 
-You have the choice between two modes : 
-  * read a specific environment variable 
-  * read all the environment variables 
-The first mode is the default mode. 
-== Environment Variable == 
-The name of the environment variable to read. The combo box contains all the environment varaibles declared at this time. In the 'all variables'​ mode this field is disabled. 
-==== Output Parameter ==== 
-== Variable == 
-Name of the variable used to store the result. 
-In the //All environment variable// mode, the named variable in the field will be an array populated with the value of all the environment variables. 
-===== Exceptions ===== 
-  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Bad parameter|Bad parameter]] 
-  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Code error|Code error]] 
-  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​timeout|Timeout]] 
-Go back to **[[en:​actions#​data|list actions]]** 
-Other languages for this page : [[fr:​actions:​actionreadenvironmentvariable|(fr)]] 
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