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 +====== Wheel ======
 +This action allows you to simulate the mouse wheel. You can use it to scroll a page on a browser or on a text editor. To zoom in or out in some applications you could use the [[en::​actions::​actionkey|Key]] action to press the Control (Ctrl) key.
 +===== Standard parameters =====
 +==== Input parameters ====
 +== Intensity ==
 +This represents the wheel movement intensity.
 +//Hint//: You can define the movement intensity by using your mouse wheel while having clicked in the parameter field.
 +===== Exceptions =====
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Bad parameter|Bad parameter]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​Code error|Code error]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​exceptions#​timeout|Timeout]]
 +  * [[en:​actions:​actionwheel#​simulation_failed|Simulation failed]]
 +==== Simulation failed ====
 +This exception is thrown when the simulation failed.
 +  * Default action: stop the script execution
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