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This action can execute an operation on a window such as resizing, moving, closing, etc.

Standard parameters

Input parameters

Window title

The title of the target window. A button allows you to select a window to get its title.


The operation to execute on the window:

  • Close: closes the window
  • Kill process: kills the process that owns the window, this will close any other window owned by this process
  • Set foreground: sets the window on the foreground
  • Minimize: minimizes the window
  • Maximize: maximizes the window
  • Move: moves the window towards a point specified in the "Move" parameter
  • Resize: resizes the window to a size specified in the "Resize" parameter

The coordinates of the point where to move the window.


The desired width and height of the window.


Unable to find the window


This exception is thrown when the target window cannot be found.

  • Default action: stop the script execution

Incorrect action


This exception is thrown when the chosen operation cannot the executed.

  • Default action: stop the script execution
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