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 ====== Actiona Changelog ====== ====== Actiona Changelog ======
 +===== v3.10.0 =====
 +==== Global ====
 +  * Added a keyboard key condition action that allows checking or waiting for a particular key combination to be pressed
 +  * Added a text to speech action that uses the operating system'​s voice synthesis capabilities
 +  * Click action: added an option to reset the cursor position to its former position after the action has finished executing
 +  * DataInput action: the output variable now contains an empty string if the user cancels the data input dialog
 +==== Interface ====
 +  * Added filters allowing to find an action within the script or within the list of available actions
 +  * Added an action heat map that allows viewing the execution count and time spent per action (available after the first script execution)
 +  * Improved program loading times
 +  * Fixed missing script line numbers (regression from previous version)
 +  * Fixed a slowdown when copy and pasting multiple actions within a big script
 +  * Fixed a possible bug on the console when running a script for longer than a day
 +  * Fixed a few minor bugs
 ===== v3.9.4 ===== ===== v3.9.4 =====
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