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 +Actionaz can be started using command line options.
 +<note important>​On Windows, a program cannot display windows and output text to the console (standard output) at the same time. The following command line options should still work, but you will not be able to see any output on the console.</​note>​
 +actionaz [options] [script filename]
 +Command line options:
 +  * %%--%%nosplash or -s
 +    * do not show the splash (loading) screen
 +  * %%--%%notrayicon or -t
 +    * do not show a tray icon
 +  * %%--%%noexecutionwindow or -E
 +    * do not show the execution window
 +  * %%--%%noconsolewindow or -C
 +    * do not show the console window
 +  * %%--%%nocodeqt or -Q
 +    * do not include the Qt library into the code
 +  * %%--%%execute or -e
 +    * start executing the given script
 +  * %%--%%exitatend or -x
 +    * exit Actionaz after having finished executing the script
 +  * %%--%%version
 +    * show the program version
 +  * %%--%%help or -h
 +    * show the command line help
 +  * The %%--%%execute option can only be used when giving the path to a script file
 +  * The %%--%%exitatend option should only be used when using the --execute option
 +  * The %%--%%nocodeqt option allows you to gain a little speed when executing a script or code