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This action allows you to execute a detached command. In other words it can start a program like Firefox or LibreOffice. The action starts the program exactly as is the user had clicked on it.

Note: this action will execute the command and will pass to the next action without waiting for the command to finish or the program to close. To execute a command and wait for its termination, use the Command action.

Standard parameters

Input parameters


The command to execute. You can choose the program to start by click on the "…" button.

Hint: You can also select a shortcut instead of an executable.


The program parameters to use. Multiple parameters should be separated by a space.

Working directory

The working directory to associate with the command.

Advanced parameters

Output parameters

Process id

The name of the variable where to store the process identifier of the started process.

Note: This identifier can be use with the Kill process action.


Unable to start the detached command


This exception is thrown when the detached command cannot be executed.

  • Default action: stop the script execution
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