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This action allows you to simulate a key press or release. This action should not be used to write text, to do so you should rather use the Write text action. You could use this action to trigger a keyboard shortcut (F5 to refresh a Web page, Escape to exit a dialog box…) or another feature.

Standard parameters

Input parameters


The key to press. To set the value of this field you only have to press the wanted key.


The action that should be performed:

  • Press and release: a simple keypress.
  • Press: the key is maintained pressed until another action stops it or until the execution ends.
  • Release: the key is released if it was previously pressed.

The amount of key presses to simulate. [Added in Actionaz 3.5.0.]

Advanced parameters


The keyboard type to use. Windows only.

  • Win32: the standard Windows keys.
  • DirectX: the DirectX keys, choose this if the regular keys doesn't work.
Press/Release pause

The amount of time to wait before releasing a pressed key.


Simulation failed


This exception is thrown when the simulation failed.

  • Default action: stop the script execution

Invalid action


This exception is thrown when the action is invalid.

  • Default action: stop the script execution
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