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The action Message Box allows you to display a message. This dialog box pauses the script execution until the user chooses one of the options.

Standard parameters

Input parameters


The message you want to display in the dialog box.


The title of the dialog box (window title).


The icon displayed in the message box. This list contains the standard icons of your operating system.

Advanced parameters

Input parameters


The dialog box type. There are two options:

  • text display ("Ok" button), which is used to show a message to the user
  • ask a question ("Yes - No" buttons), which you can use to ask the user to make a choice. Selecting this message box type enables the option "Yes - No".
Custom icon

The custom icon to use. This is the path to the image that will replace the icon specified in the "icon" parameter.

Window icon

The window icon to use. This is the path to the image that will replace the window icon.

Yes - No action

This parameter is only available if the user selected "Yes - No" as the type value. This parameter allows you to execute code or go to a line of the script depending on the anwser given by the user.


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