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Howto translate string messages in the source code

In the code, the strings are written in english. If you want to have Actionaz in your language, you have to translate each string of actionaz.

Here the recipe to do that :

In the top directory containing the code, execute as described below :

$ ./ 2>/dev/null

Watch files with new source texts :

$ ./ 2>/dev/null
Updating 'locale/tools_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 5 source text(s) (0 new and 5 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actiontools_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 214 source text(s) (0 new and 214 already existing)
Updating 'locale/executer_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 24 source text(s) (0 new and 24 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actexecuter_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 31 source text(s) (0 new and 31 already existing)
Updating 'locale/gui_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 395 source text(s) (0 new and 395 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actionpackinternal_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 103 source text(s) (0 new and 103 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actionpackwindows_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 134 source text(s) (0 new and 134 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actionpackdevice_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 89 source text(s) (4 new and 85 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actionpacksystem_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 186 source text(s) (0 new and 186 already existing)
Updating 'locale/actionpackdata_fr_FR.ts'...
    Found 215 source text(s) (0 new and 215 already existing)

In this case, you have to edit the file locale/actionpackdevice_fr_FR.ts with Qt Linguist

With Qt Linguist, open the file, translate strings with an interrogation mark and save the file.

To include these new translated messages, you have to do the following command :

$ make locale_release

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