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Cursor path

The action Cursor path allows the user to define a path which will be followed by the mouse cursor on the screen. This action can be used to move a graphic element from the system after an held click (icon, window) or even for an other application, to simulate a move when the mouse is used in this case (video games for instance).

Standard parameters

Input parameters


Defines the list of points through which the mouse cursor will go. This point choice can be made by:

  • Manually adding every point you want to define using the "add point" button;
  • Simulating the path by pressing the "choose path" button and by following yourself the wanted path;

The mouse button to press.

Note: Only standard buttons can be used. (left, middle or right)

[Added in Actionaz 3.8.0.]

Advanced parameters

Input parameters


Coordinates, used as a translation vector, applied to the point targeted in the standard parameters.

Note : For more details, see the Click action.

Added in Actionaz 3.6.0.

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